Monday, October 18, 2010

dear cik Hanis Hafizah

kehadapan cik Hanis Hafizah yang terchenta~
dan yang comel.macam akak XD

thank u for ur post - on ME~ kakakakaka thats funny... ade ke patut wat post pasal akak... comel lah awak nih.... anyways, what u wrote was so moving (XP) and so sweet... i, too, love u very much. and thank u fo all ur sincere words... maaflah it took me so long to answer ur post. but i think, this is the best time for me give u my sincere voice and to pour u with advices...

dear aneh,
akak juga nak cakap thank u kat awak.. thank u for being so understanding all this while..
bila akak sedih akak ade awak.
bila akak happy pon akak happy ngan awak.
bila akak gian korea pon awak gian sekali.
bila akak blur, awak lagi blur.
haha macam skarang.. sama2 blur. bwahaha tah pape tah
akak seronok sangat sebab jumpa korang. and akak harap sangat korang pon dapat sama2 sanjung rahmat dakwah dengan akak di bumi australia ni.. nanti kak afrah da balik, akak akan keseorangan. again. so sudikah kalian, especially awak, berbaris dengan akak? kekeke ayat taleh blah... hahaha *tergolek2 terlompat ketawa, macam biasa*

and aneh,
akak sayang awak

i know this is a hard time for u..
i know, i know
u're not supposed to carry such burden at this time of the year where submissions are at the shoulders of ours, weighing our body from day to day. plus, this is not something that u shud be thinking about at your age. but the sun is always there, just covered by the clouds and u will be showered with its sunshine again, trust me.

and u will always have me, beside u, in u, with u, today and always, insyaAllah... i may not always be there right beside u, but u know i am...

akak mintak maaf akak tak dapat nak tolong awak sangat... cuz i cant say i understand and i cant simply say things sebab akak takut awak terguris.... akak tengok development cousin akak from the day he found out about these things and i still dunno whats best; whether to say sumthing that i think might comfort him or just shut up and listen... so akak mitak maaf sangat akak jadi speechless when u i think i should say sumthing... but trust me, when u need an ear to talk to, you have me. when u need a hand to help, u have me. when u need a handkerchief to wipe things, you have mine.. so fret not and worry not.

just promise me, aneh. jangan simpan sorang2... awak ada ramai org kat sisi awak yang maybe taleh tolong selesaikan masalah awak, tapi boleh tolong awak... ok?

and aneh,
akak sayang awak..

p/s. nantikan edisi ke-2 utk surat ini XP

Saturday, August 28, 2010


i'll be there
i'll be there

we've been through ups and downs, no doubt
so many times we've had it out
some foolish things we've realized

think back and have to laugh it out
but that's
what make us strong
loving and loving so strong
we roll deep in every way

deeper in life seeing some ray

i got your back, believe me
you got my back, it's
either way
when rain or thunder comes along

just keep your faith in me

some people give up what they have

they run run run

that ain't gonna be your situation
cuz you're strong strong strong

standing straight, high on hill

you ain't gonna fall fall fall

we're up there with you

never let go , just hold hold hold

i'll be there
i'll be there
to protect you, my friend
all there for you is where i wanna be

some people try to get you down

but they ain't got a clue about, oh no, they don't

they call us dangerous so dangerous

yet they try to kill us and kill us

with their sneaky shady ways

h a smile carving their face
oh no, they're wrong

so so wrong

"Tiga golongan yang tidak ditolak doa mereka; pemimpin yang adil, individu berpuasa sehingga berbuka, dan doa orang yang dizalimi"
((Hadis riwayat At-Termizi))

He'll be there
to protect you, my friend

He'll always be there

to watch over you, my friend

so keep your faith up and high

and be strong

and i'll be there
i'll be there
to smile with you
to laugh with you
to walk with you

lets keep walking

"Dan janganlah kamu bersikap lemah dan janganlah (pula) kamu bersedih hati padahal kamulah orang-orang yang paling tinggi(darjatnya) jika kamu orang-orang yang beriman."

(Ali Imran, 3; 139)

credit to taeyang of BB and myself keke

Monday, April 26, 2010

is it?

its not a comfortable feelings when u feel there is no place for u to speak your mind.....

Monday, March 29, 2010

friends are.... THANK YOU

there are times of which i am completely lost

times of which
i am not sure of where am i heading

i am not sure of when shud i start nor stop
i am not sure of what shud i do
i am not sure of why am i here
i am not sure of how shud i carry on

but for each time that are filled with the unknowns
all the questions were answered with the question of who am i with
and i am glad the answer is you guys
i am glad it is you guys i am with

friends are the sweetest thank you








sayangilah saudaramu sebagaimana kamu menyayangi dirimu sendiri

thank u for being that kind of person for me

love you all

to all my friends

i miss all of my friends
so so so much

can't wait to see all of you!!!

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

if i were to change back time...

if someone ask me;
if i were to change back time, wud i beg things to be different?
if i were to change back time, wud i correct the mistakes i've commited?
if i were to change back time, wud i pave the road i've took with shiny marbles?

i wud answer NO to all of the questions~

and if someone ask me;
if i were to be given the chance to change back the time, wud i do that?

i wud answer NO

but of course,
it wud be a lie for me to say that i'm not tempted to do so..
ive got a lot of things i regret doing them...
ive got a lot of places that i regret setting foot on...
ive got a lot of sentences that i wish i cud take it back...
a lot of 'i hate you'(s) that i wish i cud unsaid
a lot of 'i wish u're dead'(s) that i wish i cud unwished
but a lot of 'thank you'(s) had brought smiles to their faces
and a lot of 'i love you'(s) had given shine to their hearts

so if someone ask me again;
if i were to change back time, wat wud i change?


is all that i cud say

all the things i've done
all the words i've said
all the drawings i've autocad-ed
all the places i've went

they are the ones that made me as who i am today
EACH and EVERY single one of them

and i wudnt want to lose any of them
nor wud i want to trade them for anything in this world

i just wish they wud know how much they mean to me...

and that wud be enuf to make me happy

Saturday, November 28, 2009

utm semarak I LOVE U PEOPLE!!

people say...


haha... i've never thought that i'd be lucky enough to experience the saying... i came from a world where ive been in a comfort zone.. within a community with same dreams and same goals.. same thoughts and same life... i wont say it was easy but ive always feel safe... too safe that i tot breaking away from it wud be better.. (there are a lot of pros and cons of that decision)...

so in july 2007, i entered a world which i know is totally different... i started my steps with every thump knowing that i'd be facing a totally stranger world..

and so my new journey begins...

we met amazing juniors...

we graduated...

oh, we smile....
we laugh..

we cry...
we parted...
a lot had happened but we are still here, for each other..



for everything that u guys had done for me...
for all the memories that had thought me...
for all the experiences that had help me grow..
for the FRIENDSHIP you guys had offered...

coz now i see.. we are not different and never had been..
words are not enough to tell you guys how grateful i am to be placed within all of
you instead of other batches...
pictures are not enough to show how much i love and dearly cherish all of you...
how shud i let you understand of how precious you guys are..
how shud i make you smile the way uve made me smile...

huhhuhu... i know im gonna miss all of you so much...

i really hope we all will be friends FOREVER... and i mean it... kekekeke i really do love all of you...

a damaged heart - can it be healed

아무말도 없이 날 바라보는게
뭔가 이상해서 두귀를 막았어
내눈에 보이는 너의 입모양이
헤어지자는 말인것 같아서
어느새 또 눈물이
내 발등을 적시고
너무 창피해서 고개를 숙였어
오 제발 이러지 말라고
날 떠나지 말라고
오늘 처음으로..... Xc
니 앞에서 울었어...아마 준비해야 될걸 우린 끝.. 길을 좀 비켜줄래, 마음이 다쳐서.....숨도 못 쉬겠어
심장에 번져서
죽을만큼 아파 계속 아 병원에 가도 내가아픈 이유조차 찾지 못했어마음이 다쳐서
문득 거울을 봤어....
거울 속에 비친 내 모습 보면서
오늘 딱 하루만 울자고널 비워낼 거라고
난 아무 랩을 할... 수 있지만 난 아무--> 여자랑은 절대?? 사랑 안해.... 여기선 넌 아무난.. 내 꽃을 피우는 한 그루 나무 마음이 다쳐서 숨도 못 쉬겠어 심장에 번져서 죽을만큼 아파 계속 아파
병원에 가도 내가 아픈 이유조차 찾지 못했어 내 몸이 다치면 아물긴 할텐데 마음을 다쳐서
눈물병이 걸려 낫질 않아 밥을 먹어도 이제.............................
밥인지 눈물인지 모를만큼 마음이 다쳐 너의 입모양이 헤어지잔말은 아니길 바랬어
오 제발 이러지 말라고? 날 떠나지 말라고? 오늘 처음으로 니 앞에서 울었어?

p/s. gambar2 adalah hiasan semata2 ^^